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due to COVID

JUNE 13th,2020

Registration to open on Feb. 14th


PRE-June 1st: $35 (with t-shirt) $25 (ride only)

POST June 1st: $40 (with t-shirt= PENDING size and availability on hand )$30 (ride only)

Please take time to read the following:

What is IMtG?

I Made the Grade is a bicycle ride that starts at Chief Timothy State Park on Highway 12 West of Clarkston, Washington, travels up the Lewiston Hill along the Old Spiral Highway, and ends at the scenic vista at the top of the Hill. On a clear day, the view never stops. The route covers 18 miles in two states and climbs over 2,000 feet as riders twist and turn up the historic Old Spiral Highway in Lewiston, Idaho.

While we know that riders enjoy timing their ride, this is not a race. This is a ride of accomplishment rather than speed. This has been a local family tradition for for families or individuals for decades. Some have traveled from all over the US to enjoy this special day. Hydration stations and encouragement are provided by volunteers from Clarkston Wesleyan Church and friends.

Give or take 50 volunteers from the church and the community provide the staffing necessary to for the ride to  happen each year.

Riders from all over the Northwest converge on Clarkston each June to Make the Grade.

Many riders are seasoned to the event and have completed a dozen or more rides.

We would love to have you join us!






We start at Chief Timothy State park in Clarkston, Washington and end at the top of a beautiful look out in Lewiston, Idaho. 

(see map in link above)

**Registration opens at 6:30 am, ends promptly at 7:40 am at Chief Timothy.


**The starting buzzer sounds promptly at 8:00am

**All participants are issued an ankle timer and a number.

**Registration can be purchased with or with out an official IMtG t-shirt

**You can register online with the link above at the top of this page

**Lodging: we have several hotels and motels available in the area.

**We will provide several hydration stations and porta-potties along the route.

** In previous years, many riders will enjoy a ride BACK to Chief Timothy.

Please be aware that THIS is NOT a part of the organized ride, there will be no cones or traffic control.


** Due to different times of arrivals to the top: It is best to organize your own trail car if you would rather not wait to go back to the starting line. We are prepared to provide rides back to the park, be aware that you may need to wait for shuttle cars/ trucks to arrive and fill up before they go back.

** We have done our best to keep you safe with ones, pylons, pilot cars, chaser cars,

hired traffic control and even local law enforcement to assist with traffic.

Your safety is ultimately  up to you to understand/ know follow local laws......

Ride smart!!

**Safety and security of yourself and your personal property is your responsibility 

- Helmets and highly visible attire are best for your safety 

-A well maintenance bike with recommended tire pressure is a must.

AGAIN-Your safety is ultimately  up to you...... Ride smart!!




This event was given to Clarkston Wesleyan to help with the expenses of the free youth basketball camp every summer.

  ELEVATE HOOPS CAMP is for boys and girls ages 6-14. You can learn more HERE.
Thank you for your support!

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